The letters S.T.O.P make the word STOP

A Roller In The Ocean

There is currently a great deal of discussion on Twitter on phonics, reading, when is a word not a word, is “dog” a word (yes, really!). I’m not going to get into any of that. I’m just going to relate what happened one day when I was out with my daughter.

I have grown up with books and so have my daughters. They all are avid readers and could read from a very young age. My friend, Lesley, introduced me to Peter and Jane books and my daughters loved them! I used these books and taught them to read phonetically and the school did too (using a different series).

The one incident which sticks in my mind happened when my middle daughter was learning the sounds different letters make. We were on our way somewhere. She was strapped in the car seat in the back. Suddenly I heard her shout from the back…

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