The Ineffable Cargo Cultism of Sir Ken Robinson


[PETKOFF‘s daughter RAINA makes a perfectly timed and spectacular entrance]

PETKOFF (aside to Catherine, beaming with parental pride). Pretty, isn’t it? She always appears at the right moment.

CATHERINE (impatiently). Yes: she listens for it. It is an abominable habit.

— George Bernard Shaw, Arms and the Man

In this post, I want to revisit the progressive versus traditionalist educational debate from what I hope will be an original perspective.

TV critic Clive James once made, I think, a telling observation about auteur director Ken Russell’s films of the lives of the great composers: that, although full of swelling sound and technicolour visual fury, they never showed any of the artists sitting down quietly at a desk and getting on with some actual work.

And, while I yield to no-one in my admiration for the work of physicist Richard Feynman, it is a…

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Gethyn Jones BSc, PGCE, MCCT is a physics teacher of over 29 years experience who still enjoys teaching (well, most of the time anyway). He lives in London with his lovely wife and two rescue cats. Please follow him on Twitter @emc2andallthat
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