What to do about workload?


Work is not a curse, but drudgery is!

Henry Ward Beecher

To much fanfare in the press, the DfE has released the findings of its Workload Challenge survey. The idea is straightforward: to prevent teachers from getting “bogged down with unnecessary tasks” so that they can instead devote their time “prepar[ing] young people for life in modern Britain”.

Apparently, the survey generated more than 44,000 returns. The chief culprits for the waste of teachers’ time are Ofsted, government and “hours spent recording data, marking and lesson-planning.” No surprises there then.

Here’s the solution:

As well as continuing its commitment to regular myth busting publications, Ofsted will not “change their handbook or framework during the school year, except when absolutely necessary,” and to further slim down the Inspection Handbook. If anyone’s wondering why Ofsted might find it “absolutely necessary” to change their handbook during the school year or add dozens of additional pages to the handbook in knee-jerk response to Trojan farce and British values, we need look no further than the DfE.

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