Tuesday period 6 – “How was school today John?”

Mr John Dexter blogs about school

imageMy Mother has just turned 95. I am very proud of her, and although she has very recently become a step more frail, this point in time, she has been as sharp and good humoured as I can ever remember. I speak to her every day, and our conversation has a reliability about it. She always asks me ‘how was school today?” it’s a question I have heard from aged about 5 to 18, and it re emerged as I started my PGCE back ion the 1980’s. It’s a genuine question about me, about the day, about the children I teach and the colleagues I work with. In some ways it epitomises my Mum and perhaps a good parent. It didn’t end there, at tea time, oh No. Any spellings or vocab was tested to destruction, my books were looked at, not checked just read with a genuine interest, delight and…

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