Stay in School: the importance of knowledge

Clio et cetera

You have probably now seen the“Don’t Stay in School” video by Boyinaband. The singer has received a lot of criticism for making the case that academic subjects in school ought to be optional rather than compulsory. In his blog post today, James Manion stands up for Boyinaband.

Manion concludes his defence of Boyinaband with a challenge that runs as follows:

 1) Take a good look at a typical news bulletin.

2) Take a good look at the national curriculum.

3) Repeat this process 3 times.

 So this is what I did.

Let’s start with this article on the election in Delhi: The headline is ‘Delhi votes in first real test for Modi’. What does someone need to know in order to make sense fully of what this article is telling us?

The article is littered, first, with ‘substantive concepts’ such as

  • vote
  • anti-corruption
  • general election
  • paramilitary

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