Reforming Ofsted: creating a slimmer inspectorate

Clio et cetera

Critiques of Ofsted are widespread and last year must rank as the toughest year the inspectorate has ever faced (see Andrew Old’s blog for commentary andJoe Kirby’s blog for a collection of posts). There are numerous calls ‘out there’ for how Ofsted might be reformed, ranging from minor tinkering through to having the whole institution abolished. I would certainly not see the inspectorate abolished, but I would argue strongly that it needs to be slimmed down significantly. I want to use this post to explain why, and to give an idea of what this might look like.

One of the things that would need to be lost in a slimmed down inspectorate would be the judgement of the quality of teaching and learning in a school. The main critique raised of Ofsted in 2014 was that its tools for judging the quality of teaching in a…

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