Developing trainee teacher knowledge: the Cambridge History PGCE model

Clio et cetera

By Michael Fordham and Christine Counsell

The recent Carter Review has raised a number of questions about teacher training, and one of these is how to ensure that, on a teacher training course, a sufficiently large amount of time is given to developing a trainee teacher’s knowledge. As John Howson’s blog explains, it was Clarke’s review of teacher training in the 1990s that cut back on subject knowledge development and knowledge of child development in order to allow more time in schools. As Howson correctly points out, if the current balance between school practice and university tuition is maintained (currently around 2:1) then how can more knowledge be crammed into an already packed curriculum?

The answer is that we need to break this idea that teaching knowledge is done only in universities.

This is, in practice, how on the Cambridge History PGCE we have managed to cover so much…

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