Music education, high-quality progression and the question of standards

Music Education Now

@Johnfinney8@TTMLondon@EnglishCadence I am happy to report without commonly agreed standards KS1 to 3. That’s what I’m saying.
05:53 PM – 28 Nov 14

In last week’s blog I considered the question of standards in light of a new National Curriculum for Music in England and its revised assessment arrangements; and in particular, in view of the demise of statutory levels of attainment. For the past fifteen years levels of attainment have been the official measure of standards and the markers of progression in music.

The issue becomes more focused with David Ashworth’s question:

‘Can we really say what a given child should be able to do musically at a given age?’ [ #musiced]

At the same time it is pointed out that children at the primary stage may be much more musically capable than is currently realised, and this in the context of Musical…

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