Blogs Listed By Subject (Version 4.0)

This is based on the latest version of the bloggers spreadsheet (details of which can be found here) so apologies if you aren’t included or there is a mistake. Please add any details to the spreadsheet, and watch out for the next update, to make sure you do not get missed out next time. I have not tried to place primary specialists who write about more than one subject, or people who have a vague list of specialities on the list. I have included people who may not blog much about their subject. I have simplified the information in some cases, so for instance, I have incorporated the 3 main separate sciences into the bottom of the science list. I have already noticed some blogs in odd choices of category, so please go back to the spreadsheet if you know a blog should be somewhere else.



Art & Design Notes by @DugalMcCrow
Art 3 #artcubed by @Jobaker9
Art Room Adventures, Ideas and Inspirations by @pennyprileszky
i heart teaching art by @hearteachingart
Laura B Wilson – Art Teacher Blog by @ArtTeacherLaura
Mrs Arty-Textiles by @mrsartytextiles
mrsjobaker by @Jobaker9


SecondaryCEIAG by @secondaryceiag
Outstanding Careers by @CareersDefender 

Child Development/ Health & Social Care

myfethoughts by @clyn40


@TeacherToolkit by @TeacherToolkit
All Change Please! by @TristramShepard
David and Torben for D&T by @DavidBarlex


Hywel Roberts Create Learn Inspire by @HYWEL_ROBERTS
Ken Taylor by @ktwebs
Love Learning…. by @debrakidd
SurrealAnarchy by @SurrealAnarchy
The Aeolian Harp by @cstimmo_s


L3xiphile by @hwc001
mikejharrison | ESOL teacher by @harrisonmike
Sam Shepherd by @samshep
Valuing and Protecting Diversity Through Education by @ktlangspec


Adaptive Learning in ELT
All Things ELT by @HadaLitim
aplinglink by @GeoffreyJordan
Classrooms on the Danube: An exploration of the quality of classroom life. by @marekandrews
close up by @cerirhiannon
Digital Play by @eltdigitalplay
EFL Notes by @muranava
ELT Experiences by @ELTExperiences
elt-resourceful by @teflerinha
ELTjam by @eltjam
English Language Teaching by @Ashowski
Evidence Based EFL by @EBEFL
Fab English ideas by @fabenglishteach
Jeremy Harmer by @Harmerj
Kaur Gibbons’ Thoughts by @kaurgibbons
swandos by @SwanDOS
The TEFL Tradesman by @TeflTradesman
The English Blog by @englishblog
The Secret DOS by @TheSecretStoic


@kabradders by @kabradders
@ragazza_inglese by @ragazza_inglese
Abbots Phonics by @Quinn_mrs
academictrust by @academictrust
Agility- The Teaching Toolkit by @ASTSupportaali
andywarner78 by @andrewwarnerkms
anewhoffod by @fod3
angryexteacher by @angryexteacher
Bill Boyd – The Literacy Adviser by @literacyadviser
Blog by @PhonicsBlog
blog by @CharlieCarroll1
Bloody, bold and resolute by @richspencer1979
Calamity Teacher by @calamityteacher
cazzypotsblog by @cazzypot
Charlotte’s Ramblings by @charlieferrett
ChocoTzar by @ChocoTzar
chronotope by @C_Hendrick
Data Fiend by @data_fiend
David Didau: The Learning Spy by @LearningSpy
David Didau: The Learning Spy by @LearningSpy
Ed-U-Like by @murphiegirl
Eden Education by @HeatherLeatt
Education Blog – Killing Your Babies by @PGCEng
educationconnected by @naomi7444
EduFlections by @fratribus
English & Media Centre by @EngMediaCentre
English teaching resources by @mrpeel
Exploring Learning by @MrsHollyEnglish
Failing Better Every Time by @LadyGlencora
Flying My Geek Flag by @FlyMyGeekFlag
Francis Gilbert by @wonderfrancis
FunkyPedagogy by @FunkyPedagogy
Geoff Barton’s Pick ‘n’ Mix by @RealGeoffBarton
Hannah Tyreman by @hannahtyreman
hayleymacca by @hayleymc2222
HuntingEnglish by @HuntingEnglish
Informutation by @Informutation
Intervals of horrible sanity by @AdventuresInFE
johntomsett by @johntomsett
Journeys in english by @TillyTeacher
Just Trying To Be Better Than Yesterday by @kennypieper
Learning from my mistakes: an English teacher’s blog by @Xris32
Lexicoblog by @lexicojules
Life, teaching and other distractions. by @commaficionado
Little Miss Lud by @MissJLud
Love Language Love Literature by @richymalpass
Love Life, Love Learning by julieeclarke
MainstreamSEND by @JulesDaulby
martinillingwortheducation by @MartinIllingwor
Maxwell’s Notes by @TeacherDanMax
milkwithtwo by @KnightWilliams
Miss Mag by @MissLMag
Monkey Learns… by @hgaldinoshea
Mr Staveley’s Blog by @MrStaveley
mrbunkeredu by @Mr_Bunker_edu
Mrs E’s Literacy Daydreams by @Englishlulu
Mrsjgibbs by @mrsjgibbs
MsFindlater’s Teaching Blog by @msfindlater
must do better… by @joeybagstock
NewToThePost by @ASTSupportaali
Notes on a Whiteboard by @laurenevans87
numpty_teacher blog by @numpty_teacher
On the road by @JacquieCT
Onestopenglish – New this month by @onestopenglish
Othmar’s Trombone by @JamesTheo
Pragmatic Education by @joe__kirby
Reading All the Books a blog by Jo Facer by @readingthebooks
Reading Matters by Piper Books by @ged10
Reflecting English by @atharby
Reform Teacher Training by @c_j_read
sarahhewittsblog by @S2Hewitt
Simple English ~ Nicola Prentis by @NicolaPrentis
sputniksteve by @sputniksteve
stevewillshaw by @stevewillshaw
takenoheedofhershereadstoomanybooks by @Gwenelope
Tales from the bottom of my classroom by @mrdouglasteach
talesbehindtheclassroomdoor by @wonderfrancis
Teacher’s Notes by @HeadofEnglish
Teaching Apprentice by @englishalewis
Teaching: Leading Learning by @chrishildrew
TeachingEnglish | British Council | BBC by @TeachingEnglish
teflgeek by @teflgeek
The Goldfish Bowl by @GoldfishBowlMM
The Learning Geek by @lisajaneashes
The New Stateswoman by @benniekara
The To Do List by @theEdukator
The Wing to Heaven by @daisychristo
theplenary by @kerrypulleyn
Thinking on Learning by @tomboulter
thisteachingmalarkey by @NaomiWhite1
Treadmill of Life by @MissCranky
Web of Notes by @johncmurphy7
Westing (by Musket and Sextant) by @deadshelley
Whatonomy by @whatonomy


#hackthecurriculum by @travelgeordie
#TeachGeog by @KokkinosPat
20 years a teacher by @MartynReah
at the IWB face by @coatgal
cambridgelearning by @s_armitage
David Rogers by @davidErogers
Forwards, Not Backwards. Upwards, Not Forwards. by @carljphillips
Graeme Eyre’s Blog by @gceyre
Living Geography by @GeoBlogs
meridianvale by @andyphilipday
Mishmashlearning goes blogging by @aknill
Mr Caffrey by @MrCaffrey
Mr Richards Blog by @MrDRichards
Mrs Humanities by @MrsHumanities
teaching personally
TJJ’s Blog by @tjjteacher

Government and politics

The Shinbone Star by @MrDuttonPeabody


@Westylish’s Blog by @westylish – Blog by @apf102
Chris Sloggett by @ChrisSloggett
classroomninja by @vikingpaul169
Clio et cetera by @mfordhamhistory
Coaching Teacher by @miss_hopper
Doug Belshaw’s blog by @dajbelshaw
For a Fair Society by @paperblogwriter
goodbyemisterhunter by @goodbyemrhunter
High Dive Teaching by @MrsThorne
History Bluff by @JokeyHopey
History Lecturer by @Historylecturer
Improving Teaching by @hfletcherwood
John Blake by @johndavidblake
lovingthelearning by @PeteJackson32
Miss Nell by @cnell91
Mr. Stanier’s Blog by @jstanier1
Newman’s blog by @carlnewman9526
Nick Dennis’ Blog by @nickdennis
One Damn Thing by @ed_podesta
Radical History by @kenradical
Secondary Source by @2ndary_Source
Secondary Sources by @PeterCMannion
Some History Guy by @26mjw
Tales from the Chalkface. by @darynsimon
The Horrible History Teacher by @derek_conway1
A Skeptical Teacher by @ajhall1
From the Sandpit…. by @Dubai_Teachmeet
Esse Quam Videri by @HeatherBellaF


@mrocallaghan_edu by @MrOCallaghanEdu
An Open Mind by @mberry
Chris McWilliam’s ICT Subject Leader blog by @mr_macmac
Computing At School – Blog
Daniel Stucke by @danielstucke
Digital Classrooms by @bekblayton
EdBearSaid by @educationbear
EdCompBlog by @DavidDMuir
Education Evangelist | RSS Feed by @ICTEvangelist
Gary King by @Gary_S_King
Ian Addison’s Blog by @ianaddison
Look Who’s Learning Too by @MrLauLearning by @MrKnightTweets
Miss McD’s Learning by @MissKMcD
misschambersict by @misschambersICT
Moheeni Patel’s Blog by @moheenipatel
Mr P’s ICT blog – Tech to raise standards! by @ICT_MrP by @MrAColley
My Teaching Blog by @Kaji_Shah
SEN Classroom by @jwinchester25
Steps in teaching and learning by @kynmcl
Thoughts on Education and Technology by @garyhenderson18
In a roundabout way by @dughall


………Experimental Blog by @joecar
…to the real. by @Kris_Boulton
[Untitled] by @bettermaths
@MrMathsTeacher by @MrMathsTeacher
@MrMathsTeacher by @MrMathsTeacher
@SPorterEdu by @sporteredu
101% Innumerate by @7puzzle
A day in the life of a teacher… by @alarter
A Maths Teacher Writes by @jeff2869
Adventure Time with D & Co. by @DKGustafson
Blog by @dotmaths
Bodil’s blog by @BodilUK
cavmaths by @srcav
Christian Bokhove by @cbokhove
David’s Denkarium by @david_obst
Emaths – Blog by @emathsUK
Evolving Edtech by @Mr_BRouse
f(maths) by @fmaths42
Filling the pail by @greg_ashman
Flying Colours Maths by @icecolbeveridge
Frank Chalk by @drfrank101
garethmetcalfe by @gareth_metcalfe
GCSE Maths Stuff by @stevebishop100
Great Maths Teaching Ideas by @Maths_Master
Growth Mindset Maths – Blog by @HelenHindle1
ilovemathsgames by @ilovemathsgames
joining up the maths by @bt2bn by @Just_Maths
Magical MathsMagical Maths by @magicalmaths
MathedUp! by @MathedUp
Mathematics, Learning and Technology by @ColleenYoung
mathematicsandcoding by @DrBennison
Maths Directory Blog by @MathsDirectory
Maths is Not a Spectator Sport by @nik_d_maths
Maths Sandpit by @Ms_KMP
MathsMuggle by @Jeremy_Denton
mismatchtea by @mismatchtea
Miss B’s Resources – Blog by @MissBsResources
MissQuinnMaths by @danicquinn
More than a maths teacher by @MoreThanMaths
Mr Barton Maths Blog by @mrbartonmaths
Mr Brown says by @RobBrown1991
Mr Campbell Writes… by @mMrCampbellSHS
Mr Collins Mathematics Blog by @mrprcollins
Mr Lock’s Weblog by @StuartLock
Mr Reddy Maths Blog by @mrreddymaths
Mr Thomas’ Blog by @dmthomas90
Mr Williams Maths by @MathsMrWilliams
MrsMartinMaths by @MrsMartinMaths
msbwellbrook by @msbwellbrook
msmith178 by @mathsmatt
mylifeasacynicalteacher by @Bigkid4
narindersander1 by @narindersander
Number Loving by @numberloving
Numeracy, Quadratics and Trying to teach them (NQT) by @Miss_Skinner
ollieorange2 by @ollieorange2
One wee duck’s waddle through the maths world… by @JemmaPDuck
Preece Maths by @preecemaths
rachael horsman maths by @Rach_Read
reflectivemaths’s Blog by @reflectivemaths
Resourceaholic by @mathsjem
RGS Maths by @rgs_maths
Scenes From The Battleground by @oldandrewuk
SmartMaths by @duncsmart
Solve My Maths » Blog by @solvemymaths
Teacher Hacks by @Pogofishcake
Teacher Talk by @sean_jeffery86
Teaching at the edge of chaos by @workedgechaos
Teaching the Tough Stuff by @greg_ashman
Teachsense by @teachsenseuk
That New Maths Teacher by @MrDraperMaths
The Chalkface blog by @the_chalkface
The Creen Laboratory 2.0 by @adamcreen
The Feedback Loop by @mathsfeedback
The View From the Maths Bunker by @HoDTeacher
thththalia’s Blog by @thththalia
To infinity… and beyond by @taylorda01
Weekly Maths by @weeklymaths

Media Studies

gettingitrightsometimes by @evenbetterif
Teaching Reno 


¡Vámonos! by @lisibo
Bex Trex …to teaching! by @BexNobes
Blog at Fluent Language Tuition by @kerstinhammes
Brighton & Hove Primary Languages by @sdlasvegas
Changing Phase by @valleseco
Chris Lowe MFL by @chrislowe_mfl
cristahazell by @CristaHazell
Downe House Teach Meets by @basnettj
eddiekayshun by @EddieKayshun
El blog de JimmyP by @Voguebeloth
Elvisrunner MFL by @elvisrunner
Facing the currently unknown by @ChrisFullerisms
frenchteacher by @spsmith45
Fun with French by @stuzzicadenti12
Helen Myers by @HelenMyers
Languages and Learning by @amandasalt
Learning and Teaching Languages by @LizFoth
Lingua Franca by @Reesiepie
Making sense? by @JoQuatsch
MFL Choices by @MissAParrish
misstdunne’s blog by @misstdunne
MorganMFL by @morganmfl
Musings From The Island by @lancslassrach
My Languages by @icpjones
My packet of crisps by @janbaker97
notatextbook by @michaelslav
Primary Language Learning Today by @JanetLloydnet
Resources and ideas for language teachers
SJBTeaching by @SJBTeaching
Teacher tips by @MsHMFL
The Languages Resources Blog by @spanishsam
This is how we learn Spanish… by @Erzsiculshaw
Time to think languages by @DeannePlaysted
Who I am, what I do by @EddieKayshun


Abigail D’Amore by @abigaildamore
drfautley by @DrFautley
Education, an experience by @BrotherEves
jfin107 by @John Finney8
Jonathan Savage by @jpjsavage
mrjosemusic by @mrjosemusic
mrsgowersclasses by @tallgirlwgc
music@monkton by @musicatmonkton
musicalfuturesblog by @musicalfutures
Musings of a music teacher by @mrsjacksonmusic
Musings of a music teacher by @JaneWerry
MyMusicEd by @sjeeves
Primary Music Matters by @jackieschneider
Teacher and Musician by @johnskelleher
Thinking in Sound by @Penrose_Mark
Victoria Jaquiss, Leeds Schools Campaigner by @VictoriaJaquiss


Chris Horner’s PE Blog by @chrishorner1980
Chris Moyse by @ChrisMoyse
drowningintheshallow by @ImSporticus
Excite & Inspire – Blog by @ExciteInspire
GCSE Physical Education by @SubjectSupport
Handheld learning in Physical Education by @HHLinPhysEd
mikearmiger by @MikeArmiger
Miss Wards Blog by @k8lw
mredwardspe’s Blog by @heychompy
My Learning Journey by @davidfawcett27
Physical Education, sport and nutrition. by @PE Education
Subject Support for Physical Education and Sport by @robsolway
The Grindstone by @MrDGrindrodJFAN


zu den sachen by @zudensachen


Creativity by @janeh271 


acollectiveconsciousness by @jhd88
Laura McInerney by @miss_mcinerney
Passionate about PSHE by @SexEdUKation


Psych(ed) by @psychologymarc
Zoe Ross by @zoeross19
Evidence into practice by @turnfordblog


#REconsult by @iTeachRE
barrydunn by @SeahamRE
Candle Conferences by @puzzlevardy
Ethical Studies by @BobBowie
For The Love Of It by @ritchie_rmg
missdcoxblog by @missdcox
Mr Shelton’s Musings by @sheltont101
Outside In by @Michael_Merrick
RE Northern Ireland by @jnedu
RE Teach – Lorraine Abbott by @LorraineAbbott7 by @TalkingDonkeyRE
TDRE Boss Blog by @iteachre
The London RE Hub by @thelondonrehub
thegoldencalf by @thgoldencalfre
Tom Bennett by @tombennett71
Tom Bennett by @tombennett71
i miss chalk by @imisschalk


“Miss….atoms are made of protons, croutons, and electrons right?” by @specialsciteach
a physics classroom by @missaudsley
amilewideaninchdeep by @janettesmith999
biologicalburblings by @BioBurbler
Bunny Science by @BunnyScience
Caldies Chem by @CaldiesChem
chemistrypoet by @chemistrypoet
docendo discimus by @dodiscimus
Dumfries13 by @Dumfries13
e=mc2andallthat by @emc2andallthat
educating miss by @educatingmiss
EviEd by @lazyrunner78
Fiendishlyclever by @cleverfiend
From a learner’s point of view by @daverankin1
Glen Gilchrist by @mrgpg
grahart by @ramtopsgrum
headguruteacher by @headguruteacher
i-Biology | Reflections by @ibiologystephen
Ian McDaid by @IanMcDaid
ifitsgreenitsbiology by @Bio_Joe
Jarlath O’Brien by @JarlathOBrien
Julie.A.Ryder by @julieRyder2
keepcalmandweargoggles by @aegilopoides
Miss Zosha by @MissZosha
Mr John Dexter by @MrJDexter
mrbenney by @Benneypenyrheol by @mrreidorg
National Science Learning Network Blog by @ScienceVoice
Neil Atkin by @natkin
Nick Hood @cullaloe by @cullaloe
Outside looking in by @thebeandoctor
PurpleChaos Science by @PurpleSciChaos
Reflective Teacher and Learner by @sciteachcremin
Robert Brooks by r_brooks1
Science Teaching Library by @a_weatherall by @alomshaha
scienceteachblog by @ScienceDouglas
Scientific Literacy by @SciLitED
Scientists have said… by @drdav
stilllearing by @KDWScience
tait coles @Totallywired77 – PuNk Learning by @totallywired77
Tales from a secondary school science teacher by @Ange_k1
Teaching Science by @teachingofsci
Teaching Science by @hrogerson
Teaching Tricks – Blog: Teaching by @TeachingTricks
the chronicle flask by @chronicleflask
The Long Walk by @leonardjamesuk
The Whiteboard Blog by @dannynic
TheOtherDrX’s Higher Education blog by @TheOtherDrx
Things Behind the Sun by @thingsbehindsun
tlamjs by @tljmas
yneilson1 by @yneilson1
speciallyteaching by @90_maz


cherrylkd by @cherrylkd
Impression That I Get by @bethgg
jordyjax by @jordyjax
Mary Meredith by @marymered
maryisherwood by @Mishwood1
mr northice says… by @CllrNorthice
Mrs B’s Room by @babymakes3
RiaSENTeacher by @Ria1984
SENBlogger by @senblogger
SENCology by @OptimusSEND
Special Needs Jungle by @SpcialNdsJungle
Specialised Technology
The Diary of a Not So Ordinary Boy by @nancygedge
A little brainless yang by @aspiedelazouch

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2 Responses to Blogs Listed By Subject (Version 4.0)

  1. I can’t see in here
    Maybe I’ve missed it. I suppose the best fit would be ‘Governments and Politics’. I can’t see a ‘Too much politics’ section. It’s a good idea to divide all the blogs into categories like this. Thank you.

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