A response to Debra regarding traditional subjects

Clio et cetera

The following is my comment on Debra Kidd’s blog (Hey you. Poor person. We’re here to make you just like us.) I have avoided copying comments from one blog into a new post in the past, not least because I find the idea of ‘open letters’ a little unpleasant, but I guess the beauty of blogs is there is nearly always right of reply, which I would certainly grant to Debra in the comments here, though she may well have responded on her own blog.


A conversation between me and you is as conversation between two successful middle-class people about what we think is best for those in society who are less fortunate than we. We can both appeal to our individual backgrounds and to difficulties we had in our own upbringing, but in doing so we just end up sounding like Monty Python’s Yorkshiremen (http://bit.ly/1kxZCSb)

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