Inclusion. A Few Thoughts.


Jarlath O’Brien has decided to be all big and brave and nail his colours to the mast regarding his beliefs on inclusion. In doing so he has started a huge discussion on the topic. You can read Jarlath’s post here. Also see @JulesDaulby’s thoughts here,@nancygedge here and @jordyjax here. This is a small selection of the growing number of posts on the topic.

I’m quite late to this discussion due to personal circumstances so I apologise in advance if I repeat what has been said by others.

I am of the opinion that admission to a mainstream school for children with additional needs should not be automatic. That benefits no one. Not the child with additional needs, not their peers and not the teacher and TA. Placement of a special child should be carefully worked out on an individual basis after considering all relevant factors.

I’ll start with the…

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