Why Every School, Class, And Learning Space Needs A Couch [Talk]

: the readiness is all

If you call the Fountain Valley High School Teacher’s Lounge during the school day and I pick up the phone, you are guaranteed to hear a lie. On picking up the phone I’ll say “English office, Mr. Theriault speaking.”

Now the lie isn’t that I say ENGLISH office, even though the room is for the entire staff, the room is in the English hall and we have twenty-one+ English teachers so we kinda take over the space.

No the lie is that it’s not the office, it’s the lounge. We have a small English office just twenty feet away. So why do I call our lounge an office? Perception. My mentor/Master Teacher Jim Caforio taught me to answer the phone that way twenty years ago and I’ve been doing it ever since. People think we are busy doing important stuff if we are doing it in an office. The irony…

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