Top Trump Assessment – What Reading Levels Can Tell Science Teachers

Reading for Learning

Unpicking Reading Levels Top Trump Reading Skill

So, Mary is a level 4b reader….

Your year seven’s reading level is a little like a Top Trump score: it probably means something, but it’s a bit of a mystery.

Athletes are often good at many sports. But it’s unlikely they are equally good in all sports. A measure of general athletic ability is only useful to a rugby coach if she understands how that score was calculated.

Similarly, a general reading ability score is only useful to a subject teacher if she knows what it means.

I was a secondary science teacher for 18 years and now I teach primary pupils. I know how Top-Trump-Reading scores are calculated and I know what they mean. I wish I had known this while I was still a secondary teacher – I could have made more use of it.

The reading level you receive comes from a one hour…

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