Ofsted: the problem of the ignorant inspector

Clio et cetera

My argument in this post is that Ofsted inspectors who are not specialists in a subject are poorly placed to make judgements about whether progress is being made by pupils in that subject.

I am writing this in response to some comments made on Twitter by a HMI (HMIs being the senior inspectors employed directly by Ofsted).


The overall thrust of David’s argument here is that someone does not have to be a specialist in a subject in order to judge teaching over time. This is a very good example of something thatI am increasingly calling ‘genericism’, the idea that that ‘teaching is teaching’ and ‘learning is learning’ regardless of the subject being taught.

I do not know if David Brown HMI is giving the official line here but the Ofsted Inspection Handbook implicitly concurs with his views by stating a team of inspectors (all of whom would…

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