Please Help With The UK Education Bloggers Spreadsheet Version 4.0

The latest version of the spreadsheet of bloggers can now be found here.

Because of all the new blogs that have been found, there is an even greater need for work on filling in the spreadsheet. So can you please, please try to do as many of the following as possible:

  1. If you are a blogger, make sure your own details are on the spreadsheet and are up to date. (Once you have done so, put the date in the final column).
  2. Share this post (i.e. the one you are currently reading) on social media, particularly by reblogging and tweeting.
  3. Find some time to go onto the spreadsheet and look up some blogs where there are spaces and see if you can find the information needed to fill in the gaps.
  4. Let me know about any problems or difficulties. Reading the notes below may solve some of the most common problems.

Thank you.

A few notes:

The list, and the basis for inclusion, can be found here.

The information wanted is

  • Twitter Name: People are always asking me how to find their favourite bloggers on Twitter.
  • Gender: This should be M, F,  Unknown (intended for anonymous bloggers) and N/A (intended for group blogs).
  • Subject: This is intended to identify when a blogger mainly teaches one subject. If you teach many subjects (like most primary teachers) put “N/A”.
  • Role: As broad a description as possible. Preferably just Teacher/TA/Head/Consultant/SLT. No need to say if you are an AST or have a TLR. If your position is not in the drop down list, you can type it in.
  • Sector: This is to identify what type of school, institution or organisation people specialise in. i.e. Early Years/Primary/Secondary/Special/FE/HE/Company/Charity. Please list PRUs separately from special schools.
  • Region or Country: As simple a description as possible. Use the drop down menu. If you are teaching overseas you can include the country in the notes.
  • Notes: If (and only if) something is unclear in the previous information add it here. You can identify your own company or organisation here, but please don’t do so for others.
  • Checked By Author: If you are the writer of a listed blog, put the date here if you have seen the details given about you and your blog and think them correct.

The following advice may also be helpful:

  • Please don’t put anything confidential down, particularly about somebody else.
  • A number of changes have been made, so even if you have put your own details in, you may want to check that everything is still as you’d want it.
  • If you have a blog that is not in the list there is now a sheet entitled “Have we missed your blog?” on the spreadsheet where you can add a link and (if possible) your twitter name.
  • Be aware that no blogs will be added or removed from the main page of the spreadsheet until the next update, which will probably not be for another few weeks.
  • Feel free to make copies of the spreadsheet and use it how you wish. It’s meant to be for everyone’s benefit.
  • You may have trouble editing the spreadsheet on an iPad or iPhone. I’m told the trick is to find and download a Google Sheets app that will let you do this.
  • If you have access to a community of UK education bloggers who have not heard about the spreadsheet, please let them know.
  • If you are anonymous, and want to keep some information private, please make use of the “unknown” option.
  • The parts of the spreadsheet in yellow or red are those which were included in the last version of the spreadsheet, so that it is easier to spot the source of any errors. I will probably change the colour at some point, so don’t pay any attention to it.

Thank you.

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12 Responses to Please Help With The UK Education Bloggers Spreadsheet Version 4.0

  1. myfethoughts says:

    Reblogged this on myfethoughts and commented:
    This very useful post by @TheEchoChamber2 has a large list of educational bloggers with their subject/ sector area. Please take a look.

  2. damoward says:

    Reblogged this on @damoward and commented:
    Wonderful list of UK edubloggers, only a few arty ones but some great links to read around others’ opinions and insights.

  3. careersdefender says:

    Just added some twitter names/info. Amazing work guys. Well done

  4. Reblogged this on Mrs Humanities and commented:
    Quite a collection of Education Bloggers.

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