Teaching Styles: East meets West

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After years of teaching learners of all ages from western and central Europe, I have recently had the opportunity to teach several groups from the Middle East. It has been an interesting experience – one which has taught me a lot about:

  • Learners’ expectations
  • Teacher’s expectations
  • Learning and Teaching styles

When I first finished the CELTA several years ago, I had very clear principles and parameters against which skills and systems lessons should be delivered. For example, a grammar-focused lesson should Present the target language, then Practise it, and finally culminate in Producing it.

Needless to say, with time and experience, my ‘principles’ became a lot more principled: I use the PPP approach usually when the topic is completely new to the learners; Guided Discovery when it is an extension of something they already know (e.g. 3rd conditionals and 2nd conditionals); Task-Teach-Task when it’s not clear what they…

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  1. Anthony Ash says:

    Thank you for reblogging this – it’s good to share.
    All the best 🙂

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