The Future Part 7c: Whose silly idea was this Digital Natives thing anyway?

Scenes From The Battleground

This post is the final part of a series of posts about Digital Natives which are in turn part of a series of posts about The Future.

Last time I mentioned that the endorsement of educational games in the Digital Natives essays made them seem like they were written to promote educational gaming. This possibility should, perhaps , not be a surprise. The essays are written by Mark Prensky who was, indeed, running a company which made educational games. In order to get some further perspective on the idea of the digital native, it is worth exploring his thought in more detail. Here he is in action:


He’s an interesting character whose Twitter bio describes him as a “thought leader” and he tweets stuff like this:

Screenshot 2013-02-20 at 21.33.05 - EditedScreenshot 2013-02-20 at 21.31.30 - Edited

Other articles he has written have indicated what, other than selling games, provides the background to these ideas. Most are the familiar…

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