Correcting the “Mumsnet misconception” matters

Governing Matters

Few of us were having a discussion on Twitter and a Mumsnet thread was pointed out. The title of the thread “Is your governing body run by a little clique?”compelled me to write this post.

Let me say, right at the beginning, that I do know that not all governing bodies operate the way they should. There are some real horror stories out there BUT there are great governing bodies and great governors too. The danger of threads/discussions like the one on Mumsnet is that it may put off people from joining governing bodies. It also does little for the morale of those of us who work really hard and within rules. So, this is my attempt to present the other side of the coin.

A committee is not a clique!

Governing bodies, by and large, assign the work that has to be done to committees (though the circle…

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