Lesson Observations Unchained. A New Dawn.



This is a short reflection on the massive difference it makes when you stop grading lessons.  I’ve embarked on the process of observing all of my teachers in my new school. Wow – what a privilege that is.  So far I’ve seen 20 lessons – I saw 9 English lessons last week.  I’ve got some joyous weeks ahead of me as I work through each department in alphabetical order.  97 teachers to see; a big undertaking but an absolute joy.   This is all taking place in the context where, until this year, the school accountability systems and OfSTED gave grades for lessons.  Grading was embedded in the culture, the policies and the documentation. I feel like the liberator – it’s a massive culture shift that is long overdue.   Meanwhile, elsewhere, I know some schools are still grading lessons. Wake up people! You are Hiroo Onoda, fighting after the war…

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