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I am on duty every break and lunchtime outside the Key Stage 3 toilets. The rules are strict. No phones, no food, no drink, no chewing – and they apply to staff and students, because consistency is important. I have mastered several jokes, glares, gesticulations and catch-phrases to keep me amused, and, as I stand in my orange gilet with my walkie talkie, I’m always slightly surprised that students, in 99% of cases, obey, and usually wfith a smile, and a ‘sorry Ma’am’. ‘Don’t TRY it, young man!’ ‘No, I’m not nearly as stupid as I may look’ ‘Turn around, bright eyes.’ As I say, it keeps me amused.

Yesterday, a couple of young men bowled through with sandwiches and drinks, and received the usual treatment, before they were followed hastily by a PE teacher,  who informed me that they were in work experience. I complimented them on their studenty…

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About gwenelope

English and Media Studies teacher in the wilds of Coventry, about to start my tenth year, which in itself is frankly terrifying. In the small pockets of free time I have have been known to do things like Tough Guy, circuit classes and swim often, very often. It is what keeps sanity near and insanity at bay.
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