Was the Sutton Trust report really about myths?

Christian Bokhove

I’ve tweeted quite a lot about this report and true, this blog post comes quite late after its publication. I was quite positive about the report, but did notice that the press and the blogosphere seemed to mainly focus on the two (!) pages in the report on ‘ineffective practices’ (p22-p24). The executive summary -correctly- barely mentions them. reportI think this emphasis on ‘myths’ is a shame because the first half with effectiveness models, and the second half on frameworks for capturing teaching quality, are very interesting. In addition, the section on myths is rather light-weight regarding evidence, in my opinion. The character of the report, called a ‘review of underpinning research’, is not really shown in this specific section. Sure, this doesn’t mean that ineffective practices should not be uncovered, but surely this goal is better served with some more grounding. Something that should have been easy to…

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