Tell Us About Your Blog (or somebody else’s)!

There is now an additional, partly editable version of the Ultimate UK education blog list here.

The editable columns are to begin collecting data about the blogs. Please edit it to inform us about yourself, or any other bloggers you know. The information will be used only to publicise the blogs and to answer the question of who blogs about education in the UK.

The information wanted is

  • Twitter Name: People are always asking me how to find their favourite bloggers on Twitter.
  • Gender: This should be M, F,  Unknown (intended for anonymous bloggers) and N/A (intended for group blogs).
  • Subject: This is intended to identify when a blogger mainly teaches one subject. If you teach many subjects (like most primary teachers) put “N/A”.
  • Role: As broad a description as possible. Preferably just Teacher/TA/Head/Consultant. No need to say if you are an AST or have a TLR.
  • Sector: This is to identify what type of school, institution or organisation people specialise in. i.e. Early Years/Primary/Secondary/Special/FE/HE/Company/Charity. Please list PRUs separately from special schools.
  • Region or Country: As simple a description as possible. Probably best to list London, Wales and Scotland in their own right. Otherwise just give directions (e.g. North West, East Midlands etc.)
  • Notes: If (and only if) something is unclear in the previous information add it here. You can identify your own company or organisation here, but please don’t do so for others.
  • Checked By Author: If you are the writer of a listed blog, put the date here if you have seen the details given about you and your blog and think them correct.

Please don’t put anything confidential down. Also, if anyone knows anything about it, can you please advise if I’m breaking any data protection rules.

Thank you for any help you can give.

NB: The basic list, without all the other information, can still be found here.



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22 Responses to Tell Us About Your Blog (or somebody else’s)!

  1. Hello, is it possible to add my blog to this list please, for some reason, I am unable to edit! My twitter name is @bedtyelworthy and the blog is:

    Thank you!

    • Because of the risk of spam, out of date blogs and errors due to shifting lines, I have blocked others from adding or removing blogs. However, I will follow every blog I find and will update my bloglist every few weeks, so your blog should be in the next update. Thanks for getting in touch.

  2. pruman21 says:

    Here goes.

    Name – Daniel Nixon
    Twitter – @pruman21
    Gender – male
    Role – teacher
    Sector – primary
    Region – East Yorkshire

    Blog address –

  3. Ruth Powley says:

    Could you add my blog to the spreadsheet when you update please?


    I’ll add the other information once it’s in.

    Thank you

  4. I must be doing something wrong-I can’t work out how to add my information.

  5. “Thank you. Have added my details. Is it possible to change the name on the spreadsheet or do I need to do something with the blog feed?”

    If I change it on the spreadsheet it will revert back on the next update. Better if you can do something about the feed.

  6. Thank you for all your hard work doing this – it is brilliant and I can’t believe your attention to detail. I would definitely given up on ‘D’.

  7. Sarah McGeown says:

    I agree – this is an excellent resource for those interested in education. Thank you! I expect I’ll be spending the next few days reading through them all!

    To add additional info to my blog:
    Blog name: Using research in education (row 840 in current spreadsheet)
    Name – Sarah McGeown
    Twitter – @DrSarahMcG
    Gender – female
    Role – University lecturer and researcher
    Sector – Primary/Secondary
    Region – Scotland

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  9. Maxwell says:

    Some great blogs there- thanks for compiling such a comprehensive list –
    I’m an educator from the UK currently working in SE Asia – could you add me to the list ?

    Blog name – Maxwell’s Notes
    URL –
    Name – D.Maxwell
    Twitter -@teacherdanmax
    Gender – male
    Role – Department leader
    Sector – Key Stage 1-3
    Region – SE Asia

    Many thanks

  10. Hello – please could you add my blog to your list in the next update and I will complete the additional information:

    Many Thanks,


  11. Reblogged this on Scenes From The Battleground and commented:

    The compiling of details of every UK education blog is one of those little projects I’ve got started on lately. If you are a UK education blogger please check your details (or recheck them if you’ve already looked at them). Or if you are not a blogger, but have time to spare to help look up details about blogs, your help would be appreciated. This is information that I am frequently asked about. Thank you.

  12. Richard Griffiths
    Primary Teacher

  13. 4c3d says:

    Kevin Hewitson, responsible for the blog My twitter name is and website is I am an author, speaker, consultant, coach and mentor, and creator of the concept “Learning Intelligence” or “LQ” for short. My blog covers many aspects of education and tries to reflect research as well as the perspective of teachers and learners.

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