Bad Feedback and OFSTED Whispers | HuntingEnglish

This post is a version of my article for the TES, from this Friday, and their ‘OFSTED Watch’ column. Just after publication OFSTED made an important update that clarified for schools issues like giving written feedback – find it here. I have updated the article to include the specific guidance on feedback.

Feedback works, right? Dylan Wiliam, John Hattie, the Education Endowment Foundation and other distinguished education research voices, can all provide ample evidence of its positive impact on learning. And we, as teachers, can recognise the gains made by our students from a strategic comment in their books, or an incisive word in the ear. It is, justifiably, one of the few strategies in school that we can target as a way to leverage better learning for our students.

Bad Feedback and OFSTED Whispers | HuntingEnglish

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