Dominic Cummings on life at the DfE the real.

For anyone who missed it, this is a remarkable article by Dominic Cummings, outlining his concerns regarding the structure of our governmental institutions, – and their ability to operate successfully on the scale we now demand of them – some of his own anecdotal experiences of what was actually taking place in the DfE building during the years of Gove-mania, and the vital (and ironic) role he feels education has to play in addressing many of the causes of the dysfunction he says he witnessed:

It’s 22,000 words, so not a quick read, but for anyone interested in education, worth it!

Here are a few of my highlights:

B) Their education and training is such that almost nobody has the skills needed to cope with the complexity they face or even to understand the tools (such as Palantir) that might help them. Political ‘experts’ are usually hopeless at predictions and routinely repeat the…

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