Turning the tanker: lesson grading


I spent a good part of the past year or so railing against the injustices of lesson grading:

My impatience with some Ofsted inspectors 24th July 2014
Ofsted: The end of the (lesson grading) affair 4th June 2014
Should Ofsted judge ‘quality of teaching’? 26th May 2014
A horror story: Does Ofsted get it wrong again?23rd May 2014
Ofsted inspectors continue to do whatever they like 21st May 2014
Watching the watchmen: Is Ofsted fit for purpose? 16th March 2014
The mystery of Oldfield School’s missing Ofsted report 17th March 2014
What inspirational teaching looks like according to Ofsted 18th February 2014
What I learned from my visit to Ofsted 19th February 2014
Are we any clearer? Ofsted explain what they do and don’t do 21st February 2014
Ofsted’s Evaluation Form: the next skirmish! 22nd February 2014
The shocking mediation of Ofsted criteria by ‘rogue’ inspectors 10th November 2013
Who inspects Ofsted? 5th February 2012 – who indeed?
Myths: what Ofsted want 17th March 2012 – do they even know?

The good news is that Ofsted listened: 

Ofsted’s new Inspection Handbook – a cause for celebration 30th July 2014

But, as the cliche goes, it takes time to turn a tanker. The tanker in this metaphor is some of the more entrenched school leaders still labouring under the misapprehension that grading lessons is either valid, reliable or desirable. 

This post comes from a teacher who works in a school where individual lessons continue to be graded. As such they have made the hard decision not to publish on their blog to avoid a potential backlash. But this stuff needs saying so I’m more than happy to publish here. Also, one of my posts is referenced so it must be good!

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