Dragonfly Training

Written by Stacey Hyland-McCabe – @hylandmccabe

I’ve been following, this week, the furor on Twitter about OfSTED apparently changing tack on whether or not individual lessons will be graded. Mike Cladingbowl seems to have been extremely clear – they will not and if any OfSTED inspector does give individual lesson grading they will indeed be taken to task. (I say ‘seems to have been’ because by his own admission there is still confusion and conflicting guidance amongst OfSTED Inspectors themselves).

I’m interested in this debate for several reasons, some of them personal and some professional and, for the purposes of this blog I want to make clear that in both schools I refer to below the practice of looking at Quality of Teaching Over Time is used (data, student voice, work scrutiny and lesson observations), so, when I refer to judgements and gradings below I am only talking about the ‘progress…

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