[Repost] My iPad err… iProgress?

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Below is a second  post I wrote about iPads on a different blog 16 months ago. I’m reposting it in response to some requests 🙂

*Note, technology and applications may have changed since!

An update has been long overdue, but here it is. Since my last post about iPads, a lot of progress has been made and I’m ready to share some more positive steps towards my iPad heaven. We have policies and everything!

We’re still a way off where I want to be, but the path is clearer.

Before I begin, I’ll make a couple of assumptions:

1. You have some iPads
2. You have a mac of some kind

With that out of the way… here we go…

Stage 1: The setup (network)
Make a dedicated account on your school network that has the sole purpose of being ‘the ipad account’.
Anything you do from here on in…

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