Inclusion benefits all students, so why doesn’t the accountability system encourage it?

Educating Brentwood

Since the first series of Channel 4’s “Educating…” strand aired in 2011 on Channel 4, I have been amazed at how often a topic that I have been reading about or discussed has featured in that week’s programme. The finale of the latest series was of particular interest following a local news story which seems to contrast greatly with the inclusive practice that was its central theme.

Inclusion has featured heavily in each of the three series and, in each case, the commitment to enabling a variety of featured students to achieve success regardless of their circumstances has elicited practically universally positive responses across the media and in public forums.

“This is how we want our schools to be” is typical of the public reaction in the afterglow of another successful series but do we actually practice what we preach when selecting our school preferences? And, does the accountability regime…

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