15 Minute Forum – Students on Feedback

Class Teaching

The 15 minute forum was led by the Senior Student Leadership Team tonight.  They gave us their views on the range of feedback they received from teachers.  This was very timely, as it’s something we have been thinking about a great deal as a school – more here.


The team started by saying that the feedback they now receive from teachers has moved on a great deal (they are all in Y11, so this is their fourth year in the school).  They get less vague and generalised feedback e.g. ‘well done’ and more helpful and specific feedback, that gets them thinking about improving their work.  They all agreed that this was useful to them – they would rather get very specific and personalised feedback on a particular piece of work, once every few weeks, than a book of red ticks that doesn’t really tell them much.

They then spoke about specific types…

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