The Hunt for a Teachers’ Oath

Trivium 21c

Tristram Hunt has said it might be a good idea for new teachers in England to swear an oath in much the same way as the teachers of Singapore have to swear a pledge.


In order to assist in the Hunt for an Oath, here is my suggested wording:

The Teachers’ Oath:

Teacher places right hand on the School Development Plan and swears in the following way:

“I swear by almighty Headteacher to teach the whole teach and nothing but the teach. I promise to be at school at the crack of dawn ’til the end of the day as it is decreed. I promise like Pavlov’s dogs to respond to the sound of the bell and to ensure my bowels and bladder are strong enough to endure a double period until the blessed break provides relief, unless I am on duty in playground, corridor or gate. I promise…

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