Where do I want my daughters to go to school?


My eldest daughter is in Year 6 and applications for secondary school applications need to be in by the end of October. To my shame, I’ve taken the route my middle-class parents take; we’re moving into the catchment of the school of our choice. But why have we chosen it? Well, the results are very good; the view of parents is overwhelmingly positive; it offers about the right blend of academic and ‘creative’ subjects, and it has the kind of ethos that chimes with our values. I think. But I don’t really know. I’m basing these judgements on league tables, Ofsted reports, word of mouth and gut instinct.

Choosing a school can be an agonising process. Ever since I wrote about my visit to King Solomon Academy a few weeks ago and left the question of whether I’d want my children to go there hanging, I’ve been seriously thinking about what my ideal school might be. And today I might just have found it. Sadly it’s in Warrington and I’m in North Somerset. I think we’re probably just outside the catchment.

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