Doing a Masters in Education Part 1a

docendo discimus

Michael Fordham has written two interesting blog posts on research methodology (and methods) Part 1 here and Part 2 here. I started to write a comment to Part 1, realised it was a ridiculous length, and then wrote most of this, before spotting Part 2. So I added a bit, et voila! I may possibly be talking rubbish – I’m not a researcher – but this is my take on it, written for the sake of crystallising my own thinking. If you read it and disagree, there’s a fair chance you know more than me.

I think that there is quite a broad spectrum of approaches to education research. At one end is ethnographic research where the researcher becomes a part of the situation they are interested in – the anthropologist who goes through the manhood rituals of a remote tribe; the researcher who describes the politics of their…

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