Do you baseline assess in PE?


With KS 3 Level Assessment and Descriptors set to disappear and a free for all to begin this maybe a moot point. However SLT, Middle leaders, Parents, Children, Teachers and of course OFSTED all want to see some sort of progress no matter what system you might have in place.

Why do we baseline assess?

The baseline assessment we have at our school for PE was born out two main reasons. Firstly we received no information from Primary schools regarding physical ability other than ‘little Jonny hates PE with a passion and usually spends the lesson crying, screaming and hitting his head against the floor.’ Secondly MidYIS, my favourite indicator of student potential in PE set our students unrealistic targets (Level 7, 8 and EP). This meant that over 90% of children were ‘failing’ PE at KS3 and required improvement and intervention. A child like ‘Jonny’ who would see that…

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