Practice in CPD: from eye rolls to role play

Until I Know Better

This post is mostly descriptive about others’ work and ideas; little, if any, is my own work or ideas. I hope it is worth sharing. I’ve been made aware that the not-common aspects of my school don’t fare well when summarised in a sentence or a single visit; hopefully a more detailed account of the role of practice in CPD will let others add more evidence and anec-data to their decisions for in-school training.


How It Works

Largely based on Doug Lemov’s work in Practice Perfect, CPD was adjusted last year to have more focus on practising the seemingly-routine aspects of school life. This comprises twice-weekly practice sessions from ~8-8.30 for all teaching staff and, where appropriate, more tailored practice responding to an individual’s focus or needs. The morning practice sessions focus primarily on three techniques* described in Teach Like a Champion (more Lemov) – 100%, No Opt…

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