The Secret Teacher Antidote

Bad news sells. We live in a world of 24 hours rolling news. Emergency follows crisis, follows failure, follows catastrophe. Our diet of educational stories is more often stacked full of pessimistic stories of the inexorable decline of pretty much everything and everyone in education.

The Secret Teacher is a case in point. The Guardian has erected this weekly article as a symbol of all that is wrong in education today – a lone cry in the wilderness. Allegedly, these anonymous teachers draw back the veil on the inequities of the staffroom. They pin up easy-to-hate most wanted posters of the worst of school leadership. They lay bare the struggle of teachers everywhere. Apparently.

The Secret Teacher supposedly  reveals truths about the utter evil of politicians and exams and fellow teachers and dangerous students and coffee and break times and Wednesdays and themselves and others and whiteboards and corridors and lunch and everyone and everything. Sorry, I delve into parody because the endless wailing of the secret ones too often descends into clumsy parody.

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