The Indefatigability of Hope

Barack Obama famously wrote about the ‘audacity of hope‘. Unfortunately, such audacity was always likely to be quashed under the crushing weight of partisan politics. Is it so that hope is therefore an impractical approach to the realities of our work-a-day life? Hope is most often associated with naïveté – a failure to grasp the gritty truths that daily life offers us. Can this seemingly limp abstraction be redeemed and provide us with more than the succour of promise?

Can hope yield results?

Yes it can.

I’m one for gritty realism. I like a good tragedy over a comedy every time. I’m even often cynic about the motives of others: politicians, bankers and the rest. But I’d hate to be just a tired old cynic. There would be little to look forward to. I’m more of what I would term a cynical idealist. Less naïveté, more having a firm grasp of some of the darker instincts of humanity, without it letting me lose faith in us all and our humane instincts.

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