Practise Teaching, Teaching Practice: Ritual

Trivium 21c

“Practise Teaching, Teaching Practice” is a series of tips and observations about fundamentals for great teaching based on my experience as a teacher for over twenty years and also as a trainer of teachers for much of that time.


Whether the atmosphere you create in your classroom is like that of a church where children worship at the altar of knowledge or nearer to that of a high powered office where children come to work efficiently on administrative tasks, the ritual of the classroom is something that is unique to your teaching and the children’s experience of studying with you.

Every teacher will have distinct rituals in her teaching areas whether she is aware of them or not. It is a good idea to work out what the rituals are going to be in your classroom to ensure it fits into the whole school ethos as well as having an atmosphere all of its own. There are four things to consider:…

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