The war between buildings and playgrounds

Mr Melaney

We talk a lot lately about the ever growing need for places in our primary schools as more and more children are being born, making the fight for places in local schools more and more competitive. This means that schools are forced to build to accommodate more classrooms. Many schools have had to take in extra classes, building temporary classrooms to accommodate the extra pupils.

Pupils in a third of expanding primaries could end up with less space to play in as new classrooms swallow up fields and playgrounds, it is reported. A survey of 82 of England’s councils by the Times Educational Supplement suggests 335 of the 957 expanding primaries it received information on are losing outdoor space. More pupils will use the same area in 54% of these schools, the survey says.

The government says it has tightened rules on building on playing fields.

The TES calculated that…

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