Practise Teaching, Teaching Practice: On Desks and Classroom ‘Feng Shui’

Trivium 21c

“Practise Teaching, Teaching Practice:” is a series of tips and observations about fundamentals for great teaching based on my experience as a teacher for over twenty years and also as a trainer of teachers for much of that time. 

There was a problem in a music department, I was asked to investigate. I went to observe a lesson: mayhem… What to do? In these situations it is unlikely that a couple of ‘tricks’ will sort out the situation but I did observe something  quite astonishing and it was the teacher’s desk. The teacher was sat behind a very large desk with her head buried in a book from which she was dictating notes. On the desk there were piles of books for marking, returning and also piles of manuscripts and other books. The thing was, from her sedentary position she was unable to see the class and they were unable to see her…

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