Playing the game: Ofsted vs. Civitas

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Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of intelligent effort. John Ruskin

On the face of it , this seems both self-evident and obvious: if Ofsted aren’t judging quality of teaching in a school, what are they doing? Now, I’m not one of those who feel Ofsted is a cancer needing to be cut out of the education corpus, but I do feel that along with the good they might have done in holding failing schools to account, they’ve done a lot of harm along the way.

In today’s report from Civitas, Playing the Game The enduring influence of the preferred Ofsted teaching style, recommends that “the ‘Quality of teaching’ grade be removed from Section 5 Ofsted inspections, so that schools are judged according to the three remaining criteria: ‘Achievement of pupils’; ‘Behaviour and safety of pupils’ and ‘Leadership and management’.” Its author, Robert Peal argues that, “As the chief arbiter of what constitutes ‘good practice’ in the classroom, Ofsted has been able to alter the whole culture of the teaching profession.” And not for the better. 

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