Now we are three


In a pleasingly synchronous turn of events this post marking the end of the third year of writing The Learning Spy is also the 300th post I’ve published on the site. That’s about a blog every 4 days. I knew I’d written a lot, but this smacks of some sort of worrying compulsion.

This last year has been by far the busiest yet with over 600,000 views but I’m sure that has more to do with the explosion of high quality education blogging that’s taken place in the past year or so as it to do with anything to do with me. For the first time ordinary teachers have the ability to reach an audience beyond their own schools and classrooms and the impact this is having is unprecedented. The fact that people responsible for government policy are reading what we have to say is at once terrifying, humbling and kinda cool. I’ve been contacted by people at Ofsted, Ofqual and the DfE who seem keen to engage in an ongoing discussion.

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