HMI David Brown sets me some homework


Today (29 June 2014), the HMI David Brown (@DavidBrownHMI) set me some home work. It’s a long series of tweets (and I don’t posses the technological know how to capture them and place them here….sorry). Essentially, David asked Tom Bennett (@tombennett71) if the subject based surveys that Ofsted carry out could be seen as useful evidence. I interjected that they were likely to be biased. David effectively challenged me to look and be more specific. There are a lot of these things, and it would be a shame if they were of no general use to the edu-world. Now, to give him his due, David suggested I look at some of the more tightly focussed reports (such as Pupil Premium or Nurture Groups), but it was already too late. I had opened the ‘Maintaining curiosity – A survey into science education in schools, 2014’ already, and this is the one…

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