The C word: The mediocre play their Joker.

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No, not that one. This: Consistency.

If you are a manager or a ‘leader’ this is a really useful weapon. Let me explain, if you don’t already use the word liberally. Consistency is the most useful word to deploy if you meet the awkward teacher with an independent tendency, especially if you don’t have a valid argument.

If you look it up you will find most dictionaries provide several meanings and this is the real advantage. One strand will refer to ‘being in agreement with’ or congruent, another to conformity, with the red herring of ‘degree of thickness’, a little ironic really. The word is ambiguous, that is it’s main utility: you can use it to mean conformity (you really mean uniformity) when it can seem that you want practice inline with policy, a slightly broader brush. This will encourage the difficult ones to think that they can do something…

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