Should we make the choice for them?


Last week we received the lists of our GCSE cohort for next year. Those lovely Year 9’s who have opted to take possibly one of the most challenging GCSE in the current school curriculum – history. Its always a delight when you see the names on the list of those from the top few sets. The nice, engaged, naturally bright, skilled thinkers and writers that will make your life so easy when delivering the units of work. They’re always welcome because they make your day-to-day life in the classroom so much easier (teaching as opposed to crowd control) and come results-day, its a joy for all. You also can’t help noticing the few names that make you think “why?” The one’s who have spent their Key Stage 3 time causing you pain and despair make and all you can wonder is if your GCSE class will be more of the…

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