Banned: “Preparing young people for jobs that don’t yet exist”


Taking a lead from the recent AGCAS Phoenix magazine with the theme “Careers concepts which should be banned” (and by that I mean stealing the idea) I would like to put forward a concept, or more specifically a phrase, that I contend should be forever banned from a politician’s vocabulary when speaking about careers work in Secondary schools…

……unless, that is,  they actually start using it in the way it should be used.

The “jobs that don’t yet exist” phrase is usually deployed by politicians in their speeches when they attempt to confront the numerous issues identified by the numerous reports regarding the state of school age Careers work and to show they can understand the bigger picture. It conjures forth job titles from the space age such as Hydrogen Station Manager and Avatar security consultant that hold the promise of exciting new careers awaiting (somehow) prepared youngsters. A phrase that is designed to…

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