Stack of Marking

This is another one from http://www.teachsecondary.com. A magazine packed so tightly with interviews, lesson ideas and articles on the madcap world of education that it’s incredible that they can still fit me in.

Or it would be incredible if I didn’t have those photos. 

Rituals pic

A friend of mine used to have a single special pen to do his marking. They spent wonderful times together: romantic walks through the park on winter days, cozy nights by the fire, that type of thing. He loved that pen. I tried to tell him that it wouldn’t work out; tried to warn him against such immense folly. I grabbed him by the lapels and shook him by the shoulders on many occasions but he didn’t understand. Took my concern for jealousy, the poor fool.

You see, you can never, ever have a single special pen because when it eventually goes on walkabout (as they…

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