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Lost and Desperate

Photo Credit: Extra Ketchup via Compfight cc Photo Credit: Extra Ketchup via Compfightcc

I did something very unusual (for me at least) last week; I went on a ‘course’.

On this course there was some ‘training’ which I was both looking forward to (how new would it be) and fearful (the same old?). The course was about technology and applying it in the workplace. So the first thing the person at the front of the room – the ‘trainer’ –  did was to get everyone to turn off their technology to keep us disconnected from the workplace. I left my tablet on.

Next up we were shown some ‘slides’. These were projected onto a screen in a well lit room making them difficult to read. We weren’t given the slides to read on our technology or in the ‘handout’ that we were given.

The trainer then talked about the slides, explained what we were going to…

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