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Non-cognitive skills-should we measure them?

And have education standards improved historically (not really)

Report from Edfest


The term ‘non-cognitive skills’ , according to the Education Endowment Foundation ,refers to  ‘a set of attitudes, behaviours, and strategies that are thought to underpin success in school and at work, such as motivation, perseverance, and self-control. They are usually contrasted with the ‘hard skills’ of cognitive ability in areas such as literacy and numeracy, which are measured by academic tests.’ Under non-cognitive skills comes character education, now apparently supported by both the Coalition and Labour which is the idea that specific “good character” traits can be taught to children and students. Character education is hard to define but politicians think they see it in private education and want it transferred to the state sector.

The problem with non-cognitive skills is that they are often, difficult to measure, and  some might say to…

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