On white working class students and aspiration


Following last week’s Education Select Committee report into the under achievement of white working class children, Friday’s Telegraph editorial placed the majority of the blame on one factor, a “dearth of ambition.”

Despite the actual report stating:

50. One of the more frequently discussed home factors was the role of aspirations, but
there was disagreement on whether white working class children had low aspirations and
whether this caused or explained low achievement.


the Joseph Rowntree Foundation felt that low aspirations were not a key
cause of lower attainment among white British children from low-income backgrounds,
and suggested that aspirations were actually very high across all social groups.


Professor Stephen Gorard (Professor
of Education and Public Policy, Durham University) described attitudes and aspirations as
“a red herring”

which ties very closely into “Understanding Employer Engagement in Education Ed by Mann, Stanley & Archer, Chapter 7 Local Labour…

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