A Festival … for Education?!


I have rarely, if ever, felt so empowered to improve my own teaching and to help others improve theirs.  I have just spent two days at the Sunday Times Festival of Education, and it was simply amazing.

I have to be honest and say that festivals are not normally my kind of thing.  In my limited experience of them, they seem to have involved standing in long queues waiting for something that falls somewhat short of satisfying – a band that’s barely audible or visible, a burger that’s barely cooked, or a chance to use a toilet that’s simply unbearable.  So, I must admit that I almost binned the Festival flyer without even reading it.  So glad I didn’t …

Festival of Education

This was a whole different type of festival.  For a start, it was hosted by Wellington College: a totally amazing venue with fantastic facilities.  I was really impressed by how well-organised everything was: there was so much…

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